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For Art's Sake!

Here, you will find my collection of visual art I've done that stand as their own pieces. No specific criteria. Projects, drawings, ideas, paintings- as long as they exist as their own entity, here they are!

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Deco (2021)
Watercolor/linocut portrait. 

Terror (2023)
I knew I wanted to draw something special for my first official Procreate drawing. Having always had a specific fascination with the "Tower of Terror" attraction exteriors across the Disney Theme Parks, I decided that my first drawing should be the first Tower exterior.

Nautilus Salon (2023)
Given the prompt to create a model of a set for our own version of a live performance based off of a classic tale in a model making class, Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea entered my mind right away. I had fallen in love with the story and a couple of other works of Verne two years before, and the beautiful aesthetic of the Nautilus especially stuck with me. (Especially in the 1954 film adaptation by Disney- AND the attractions based off it, of course.)
This model specifically represents one of the final scenes in the story, where Captain Nemo takes one last look out of the aperture window into the vast blue ocean he's been home to for years.

Myers (2020)
Monogram art piece based off of John Carpenter's film Halloween.


Quiet Outside the Mansion (2023)
Small sketch of  The Haunted Mansion done on location at Disneyland Park.


Fantasyland Rooftops(2023)
Small watercolor painting of a section of Fantasyland done on location at Disneyland Park.

Disease (2022)
Custom character designed to make a statement relating to the indirect spread of diseases due to the dangers of social media.

Crafts, man (2021)
With the goal of wanting to create a painting that recreated the beauty and aesthetic of a craftsman style stained glass window, I got to work using hot glue, acrylics, and water. The hot glue, painted black, resembles the lead of a stained glass portrait. The acrylics, if heavily coated on and brushed with water carefully to make a pattern, looks like the glass itself.

Sutter St. (2023)
Sketch done on location at the San Francisco Trolley Museum.


Small (2023)
Small watercolor painting of It's a Small World done on location at Disneyland Park.

Hello, Dolly! Fountain (2023)
After learning that the fountain at Knott's Berry Farm's Boardwalk area was repurposed from the sets of the wonderful cinematic musical, Hello, Dolly!, I knew I had to sketch it on my next visit.

Huntington Grounds (2023)
Small watercolor painting done on location at The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens.

Bloom (2023)
Small sketch of the annual poppy bloom done on location at the fields near Lake Matthew, California.

Retro Girl 1 (2022)
First of two life drawing pages I will be showcasing of a model who visited our CalArts life drawing class.

Final CalArts Life Drawing Piece (2022)
This class was my first endeavor at truly trying to draw human subjects. While not a conventional life drawing class meant to teach fundamentals, I found myself developing my style and skill more and more.

Unnamed CalArts Student (2022)
Students are sometimes used as subjects in the Institute Life Drawing Class at CalArts. This piece of a student I was and still am unfamiliar with turned out to be one of my personal favorites.


Coke Corner (2023)
Small sketch of Coke Corner done on location at Disneyland Park.

Retro Girl 2 (2022)
Second of two life drawing pages I will be showcasing of a model who visited our CalArts life drawing class.

Anti-Corporate Brush Hands (2022)
Given the prompt to create a concept for a prosthetic with an unconventional purpose, "Anti-Corporate Brush Hands", in concept, will turn everything you wish to be more stylistic with just a touch.

Thin Man Model (2022)
In the CalArts Life Drawing class, I found that my style for drawing life very much uses exaggerated shapes. This piece is a good example.

Jurassic Park House Exterior (2017)
Conceptual drawing of what the exterior of a haunted house attraction themed to Jurassic Park may look like.

Forbidden Journey (2019)
Drawing of the Orlando Harry Potter and the Fobidden Journey ride exterior.

Rainbow Gardens ft. Devil's Paint Pots Concept (2020)
Drawings for a concept of decorating my Mom and I's front yard to become more colorful. This didn't end up coming to fruition as we have since moved out of this house, but a good idea never dies.

TWA Moonliner Bottle (2018)
Prompted to upcycle pieces of trash in Environmental Science class, I made this model of the TWA Moonliner Rocket that used to reside in Disneyland.

Various Still Lifes (2018-2022)
Pieces done in my high school years.

2049 (2022)
Stylized piece depicting an iconic shot from Blade Runner: 2049 made from paper scraps.

Space (2023)
Small watercolor painting of Space Mountain done on location at Disneyland Park.


Chinese Garden (2022)
My Mom and I have always adored The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in Pasadena. I especially enjoy the Japanese and Chinese gardens, with their beautiful architecture, horticulture, and well thought out layouts. Sketching on the grounds has become a must for every visit of mine- this is an example.

Mini Mansion (2021)
Watercolor portrait using exaggerated lines. Modeled off of a small ornament of the Florida and Tokyo exteriors of the Haunted Mansion attractions.

Towering (2022)
Small watercolor painting of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! done on location at Disney California Adventure.

Arboretum (2022)
Sketch done on location at the Fullerton Arboretum.


Marti's House (2023)
My first commission: This watercolor portrait of my friend Marti's house. Done off location over the span of a couple weeks.

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