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Film & Video

The craft of video and filmmaking is one that involves much time, pressure, and adaptability. But the results you can get have the chance to be magical, experiential pieces of work that the viewer can leave from with a sense of having been transported, or given more knowledge on a subject- a feeling of having a heightened understanding of the world around them. It’s a beautiful art form with limitless potential.


I was lucky enough to attend the Orange County School of the Arts’ Film and Television Program in my four years of high school. The experience was difficult at times, but I believe I’ve come out of it more informed on the craft, more improvisational, and overall, a better storyteller!


Below, you’ll find a group of what I believe to be my best work in the field- this includes work both directed/created by me, or heavily involving me.

Tony Baxter: The Potential of Empty Spaces
Role: Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Interviewer, Editor
5 minutes

Please Leave a Message
Role: Director of Photography, Producer
7 minutes

The Desert Hotel
Role: Director, Writer, Subject, Editor
12 minutes

Signal Series: The Journal
Role: Writer, Director of Photography
 3 minutes

Link to my YouTube channel, where I will sometimes upload personal ("for fun") content.

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