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An Endless Project

The Tomorrowland areas of the Disney theme parks are infamous for their tendency to quickly become outdated time capsules from the times that they were built. This is due to their nature of being areas that are based in the beliefs, contemporary designs and new discoveries of the world at the times of their building.

The question of "how we can fix this issue" was essentially raised on day one of Disneyland in 1955- Walt Disney himself was documented as being unhappy with the land right away. In 1993, Disneyland Paris was the first to solve this problem, as it realized the best way to depict the future was to view it from the past, creating a nostalgic, retro-futurist angle. Discoveryland, the version of Tomorrowland that can be found in Paris, decided to use the steampunk aesthetic found in the writings of  1800's futurists such as Jules Verne and H.G. Wells to base their designs on.

With Disneyland still suffering from the "Tomorrowland problem" (and some poor design choices made in the 90's), I decided in 2020 that I might as well take action into my own hands, use Paris' philosophy, and have some fun drawing up ideas of what I would do with the area with a realistic budget. What I didn't realize was that my ideas would constantly be changing, and I was essentially setting off on an endless "spare time hobby". To this day, I still count this project as ongoing, and will update this page to reflect my new ideas as they come.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from this endless "spare time hobby".

Copy of DSC_0627-2.jpg

Overhead V. 2020
Original watercolor painting I made in 2020 reflecting my ideas for the main street of the land.

Overhead V. 2023
After learning the basics of Procreate and Photoshop, I decided to revisit the watercolor seen to the left, and add my updated ideas and details I missed the first time.

Copy of DSC_0635-2.jpg

Entrance (2020)
Pencil drawing of what the entrance to the land would look like.

Back Alley of Land (2022)
Ink drawing of what the back area of the land would look like from a bird's eye perspective.


The Landing Pad (Color- 2023)
Concept art for a multi-story building with an interactive play floor, as well as two dining offerings with expansive views of Disneyland Park.

Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg

The Landing Pad (B&W- 2023)
(Non color) concept art for a multi-story building with an interactive play floor, as well as two dining offerings with expansive views of Disneyland Park.

Copy of Page_16-2.jpg

Main Street Buildings (2020)
Pencil sketches of what the land's "main street" buildings would look like.

Starliner Diner (2020)
Pencil drawing of the exterior for a new dine in restaurant experience that would be added, where guests can dine under two observatory domes with a projection show.

Nicholas cal arts .jpg

Flight to Tomorrow (2022)
Mixed media depiction of the exterior for a new, custom attraction built between the border of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.


Various Details (2020)
Pencil drawings of some details of the land- including trash cans and costumes.

Copy of Nicholas CL10-2-3.jpg

"Flight to Tomorrow" Storyboards (2020)
Set of storyboards I drew up to showcase each scene of the Flight to Tomorrow attraction.

"Flight to Tomorrow" Exterior (2020)
Drawing of each side of the attraction's exterior.


"Flight to Tomorrow" Layout and System (2020)
Sketch of the attraction's track layout, as well as a drawing of the ride vehicle- using a Mack Rides Power Coaster system.

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