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An Experiment With an Air Pump

As an Assistant Scenic Designer for the 2024 CalArts production of 'An Experiment with an Air Pump,' I assisted lead scenic designer Charlie Jacobs on various aspects of the project, including the developmental phase and the realization of the final set design. Throughout this experience, I contributed to assembling the conceptual model, research, and practical tasks, playing a role in the overall execution of the production. Working alongside Charlie provided me with an enriching opportunity to develop and apply and enhance my technical skills while contributing to the creative process.


Conceptual Model
Seen above are two images of the final conceptual model for Charlie Jacobs' vision for the show- (both images taken by Charlie.) I assembled and aged the stage platforms, made the supports, aged the 3D printed furniture, compiled images in Photoshop to create much of the "sublevel" shelving props (the original file image of which is also above), and assembled the entire black box model of the showspace around the set itself.


Bird Specimen
Storebought skeleton of a bird Charlie gave me, which I aged to look more realistic among the shelving props. A coat of wood shellac, matte finish, a layer of saran wrap with red and brown spray paint, and the ray of a heat gun helped me achieve this apperance of a well deteriorated corpse of a bird.


Left image, left to right: Nat Gandalf (Fellow Assistant Scenic Designer), Victoria Solario (Fellow Assistant Scenic Designer), Charlie Jacobs (lead scenic designer), and myself.
Final Show Platform
One of the set platforms which I assisted in aging and distressing with a wash and spray of brown paint through a pump sprayer. I also assisted in laying down the masonite boards with carpet tape onto the surface.

Director: Reena Dutt | Producer: Fina Zhou | Production Manager: Bill Ballou | Scenic Designer: Charlie Jacobs | Assistant Scenic Designers: Victoria Solorio, Nicholas Sasano, Nat Gandolf | Lighting Designer : Christopher Akerlind | Assistant Lighting Designers: Alejandro, Melendez, Becky King | Costume Designer: Arthur Siprut | Assistant Costume Designer: Briana Newson | Technical Director: Nichole Miller | Stage Manager: Max Kunke | Assistant Stage Manager: Jacob Padilla



Phone Number: 949-302-7107

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